Drugs Some Very Unpleasant Realities

I have a special place in my heart for families who have missing loved one’s.I think that I am attracted to these stories just for the simple fact that I could have easily been one of these missing people.Even though I was not a prostitute I lived an at risk life style when I was a young adult.I was fearless and went where I wanted and did anything I wanted too.I cringe now when I think about this,and am very glad I made it to the other side somewhat still intact.I have even left the state without telling anyone where I was, that is until I needed a bus ticket home from God knows where.I remember many times that people would start looking for me after a few days when I had not surfaced and I used to think they were crazy for becoming alarmed and it irked the sh** out of me they were looking. After all,  I was very capable of taking care of myself,or so I thought.I am sure that is the way that every one of these missing people felt as well. What I am about to write may sound harsh to some people who have no clue what it is to have a wild out of control family members.You may even help the person who is out of control by making them face a fact about living the way they do,it is more than likely they will die if they keep it up.There are only so many times a person can cheat death without the probability or odds of death eventually catching up to them.I have lived this life I know what goes through our warped little heads when we are in active addiction.We really think “IT” will not happen to us.
There are two things people who lead these kinds of lives that are at risk for becoming a statistic need to do if they have a moment of clarity or a moment   of unselfishness.The first is to call someone in your family on a fairly regular basis even if you feel no one cares,believe me someone does.Usually most families have children and those children do not have a bad opinion of the adults in their family and they love the Addict unconditionally,so at least think of them because they love you and they are the one’s who suffer the most sometimes, when their family members dies.If something would happen to you and you live a lifestyle where you run the roads and party non-stop and you were murdered or even died from an overdose no one would know a time period to even guess when you were last alive. This is crucial to know for a few reasons.I have unfortunately,  personally known someone who died from a drug overdose and the people who were with him took what money and dope he had left in his pockets and threw him outside onto the curb and left him,they called or told no one.What would have happened if they had been out cruising the roads in a car with them and he would have died then? There is no doubt in my mind about what they would have done with his corpse in that scenario, they would have dumped him out in the country somewhere and it is very possible he would have not been found for a very long time if at all.
Another very real scenario is,what happens if  the person who does not keep in regular contact is murdered or kidnapped? It could take months for the family to even realize the person is missing and when they call to report their loved one missing they are not able to tell the police when the person became a missing person.They can not even tell the police who their family member was last associating with so the police can question those people to help find the person. What happens if they find the body months or years later? The police will not even be able to know the last time the person was alive to find out when and who murdered them. So if you at least keep in some contact your family will be able to report you missing to the police and give them a date of the last confirmed time they were alive.The longer the person is missing or has been killed  without the police knowing the more likely it is for the killer to get away with the murder.
Gary Ridgeway and countless other Serial Killer’s pick victims who will not be missed immediately and this is one reason that they are able to keep up their mayhem for so long.When a body lays outside for a while every bit of the forensic  trace evidence is gone.The police can not even link crimes together by this crucial evidence to know if there is a serial offender on the loose. I also want to stress that men are very capable of being a victim just as much as a woman is.The Green River case was a logistical nightmare for the police because almost every one of his victims lived an at risk lifestyle and a lot of them did not keep in regular contact with their family because they were runaways and they used what is called a prostitution circuit.The girl’s who would get arrested for prostitution very seldom gave the police their real names and they would travel this circuit to keep from being arrested as much.They would go to different cities on this circuit to prostitute themselves and use their many aliases.There were not computers in those days that the police officer could use to put a name or an alias into to help track the girls.So, when the police went to search for one they suspected was a victim it could take months or years to even confirm if the girl was actually missing or not.
The second thing is to tell someone how you would like your remains to be dealt with,God forbid that you would die prematurely.I think you should at least tell your family that they have the full right to do with them any way they see fit.It costs a lot of money to have even the smallest of funeral services and a marker for the grave.Even though they will do with the remains what they choose,by telling them this sort of gives them some peace of mind that they are not doing something that you would be totally against.Even if you think that they do not care you are wrong,when someone dies even if they have led a life that was bad they have family members who loved them,I can not stress this point enough.My family has run into a situation like this recently and that is why I know this can make a difference for the family. This person was not a direct member of my family,  he was the uncle of my nephew,and the real kicker is that his whole immediate family minus one brother has died from drugs or complications from chemical abuse.I have known a lot of other families who have been affected by early deaths because of drug and alcohol abuse. This very ugly part of chemical dependency needs to be discussed by the addict and their families.


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